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Lawn Mower Electric PTO Clutches

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Consider your days of stopping or sputtering mower decks officially over with a high-quality electric clutch replacement from J. Thomas. With electric clutches from top manufacturers such as Warner, Ogura, and Husqvarna, you can rest assured that your riding mower will operate with the persistent performance you need.

"" When purchasing an electric clutch from J-Thomas, be sure to have your clutch part number which is located directly on the clutch.  Use the diagram to guide you when finding your pto clutch part number

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Ogura Clutch
Item# W-1001
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Boss Plows: PMV0107
Boss Plows: PMV1013
Fisher Plow: 9207
Meyer: 61167
Ogura: 51509
Ogura: MA-7FSF
Ogura: MA-7FSP
Ogura: MA7FSF
Ogura: MA7FSP
Western Plow: 65212