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Original Manufacturer Cross Reference

Stihl: 25-2
Stihl: 252
Stihl: 4002 710 2191
Stihl: 40027102191


  • Arbor sizes include 10mm x 1.0 LHF
  • Ideal for consumer and commercial use
  • No loose parts
  • Simple, problem-free indexing mechanism
  • Slotted eyelets
  • Split spool
  • Uses .080", .095", or .105"

  • Additional Information

    Uses ourTR-1013Trimmer Head Eyelet
    Uses ourTR-1014Trimmer Head Cover
    Uses ourTR-1015Trimmer Head Spring
    Uses ourTR-1016Spool Insert
    Stihl:F90R, FR106, FR108, FS40, FS44, FS44B, FS44J, FS44R, FS48, FS50, FS50E, FS50F, FS51, FS51AVE, FS52, FS52AVE, FS52AVRE, FS55, FS5-RC-E, FS56, FS56AVRE, FS56C-E, FS60, FS61, FS61AE, FS61E, FS62, FS62AVE, FS62AVRE, FS65, FS65AVE, FS65AVRE, FS66, FS66AVE, FS66AVRE, FS74, FS74AVE, FS74AVRE, FS76, FS76AVE, FS76AVRE, FS80, FS80E, FS80R, FS80RE, FS81, FS81AVE, FS81AVRE, FS83, FS83R, FS83RT, FS85, FS85R, FS85RT, FS85RX, FS86, FS86AVE, FS86AVRE, FS88, FS90, FS90AVE, FS91, FS96, FS100RX, FS106, FS106AVE, FS108, FS110, FS110R, FS110RX, FS120, FS120R, FS130, FS130R, FS200R, FS250, FS250R, FS350, FS450K, FS550 and FS550K