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Lawn Mower Transmissions & Parts

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J-Thomas stocks lawn mower transmissions and transmission parts.   The lawn and garden industry is primarily made up of only a few transmission manufacturers.  We proudly stock PEERLESS transmission parts.  We have transmissions for mowers made by Ferris, Scag, Tecumseh and more.  If you plan on rebuilding you transmission, we also stock several transmission parts, too.


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Woodruff Key
Item# WK-861
Woodruff KeyReplaced by #Replacement for #
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Bobcat: 64164-07
Exmark: 1-807006
Exmark: 1-807009
Exmark: 3257-32
Exmark: 807006
Exmark: 807009
Kawasaki: 92038-2094
Scag: 04063-13
Scag: JT-9947
Height:1/4 "
Length:5/8 "
Width:1/4 "
Woodruff Key