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Small Engine Bushings & Bearings

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Replacement small engine bushings and bearings for all your repairs. We offer high quality replacement parts for your small engines You can filter by specs or engine manufacturer brand on the lower left hand side.

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Spindle Bearing with Collar
Item# DX-3218
Spindle Bearing with CollarReplaced by #Replacement for #
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Bobcat: 38348-01
Bunton: PL7323
Cub Cadet: 455102-R21
Cub Cadet: 455102R21
Cub Cadet: 586609-R92
Cub Cadet: 589909R92
Cub Cadet: 60069C91
Cub Cadet: IH-455102-R21
Cub Cadet: IH-455102-R22
Cub Cadet: IH-586609-R92
Cub Cadet: IH-60071-C91
Cub Cadet: IH-60071-C92
Cub Cadet: IH455102R21
Cub Cadet: IH455102R22
Cub Cadet: IH586609R92
Cub Cadet: IH60071C91
Cub Cadet: IH60071C92
Dixon: 1701
Dixon: 539115279
Exmark: 1-513016
Exmark: 513016
Grasshopper: 120081
Gravely: 05434700
Husqvarna: 539 10 26-77
Husqvarna: 539 10 74-06
Husqvarna: 539102677
Husqvarna: 539107406
Hustler: 077123
Hustler: 784223
John Deere: 8597
John Deere: JD8597
Ref No: CSA205-16
Ref No: CSA205-16A3SR12
Ref No: CSA20516
Walker: 5270
Woods: 60006
Height:.839 "
ID:1 "
OD:2.045 "
1.000" ID x 1.500" OD x .533" HT collar
Includes 1 set screw